Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Orange for Animals - continued

Well, the Dog Mafia Team is attacking this ASPCA Day promotion full throttle! Many members made orange items especially for this day, and members are donating $1 from each sale to the ASPCA. We're telling everyone we know about ASPCA Day!

We even managed to snag a treasury! Thanks to PamperedPoochBoutiqu for making it and including my Mutt shell!

Just for fun, I thought I'd do a couple of mini-features so you can see those orange items up close :)

First up is "Recycle Love" - a handpainted and decorated wooden sign to share inspiration to give unwanted pets a second chance! It is made by
art4milkbones, herself an owner of a rescue three-legged Golden Retriever named Mulligan :)

Next up is this eye-catching orange collar by 8PawsCollars! Great for the sunny seasons, it is sure to add that sparkle to your dog's eye and to bring out the shine in his coat :)

Leafpeople has created this Golden Retriever doll and just for ASPCA day, it is sporting a fashionable orange bandana! The back of the doll is orange as well. This doll is safe for your baby to play with, with no detachable parts. Teach your kids to love dogs and treat them properly from an early age!

that's all I'm gonna feature for now. All the items that the Dogmafia members have prepared for ASPCA Day are really great... but i don't have the space to put them all here and unfortunately I've got a bit of a headache so I'm ending my features here. Do check out the treasury and click around the other stuff though.

and wear orange tomorrow! I'm going down to Union Square tomorrow to check out the festivities. I'll bring pictures!


Erika said...

This is so great what you're doing!

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ragqueen said...

Great blog!

Moira said...

Hi - I linked to you today regarding your ASPCA merchandise. It inspired me to make my own sales/donations. Great idea! Check it out at Dog Art Today...