Friday, April 4, 2008

something old, something new - and something free!

My shop has 99 Hearts on etsy at the moment. How exciting that is, 99. That means any moment I can reach a milestone. Fun, fun :P

Now then! I've got something new in my own shop...

its an experiment!

red kittychihuahua

I'm thinking of introducing Soft Shell clams. They are on the small side, and very delicate. Painting on them is like painting on paper. They're usually very even on the surface and often pure white as snow. Just a fantastic paint medium.

Ah but their delicacy... therein lies the rub! I'm afraid the shells might not survive shipping. I pack my shells *very* thoroughly - they're bubble wrapped and stuffed with newspaper so that they're super snug. But I'm a little nervous about these.

Sooooooo I'm holding a little experiment. What does that mean for you? A FREE Shell!

Seriously. Its a little giveaway I'm holding.


That's the shell I'm giving away. This gentleman is a Scottish Terrier, also known as a Scottie. They're tough little dogs, but terribly handsome! You don't have to own a scottie to enjoy their classic look on this handpainted shell :P

This is a shipping experiment. I'm shipping a few of these soft shells to different destinations in order to get a report back on how they fare (the kitty and chihuahua above have already been spoken for and are going to their new homes - the Scottie is a blog special!). Absolutely anybody is eligible to get the shell, as long as you agree to the following guidelines:
  • understand that since we're testing whether the shell can survive shipping - that it might arrive broken
  • I'm going to pack it very tightly and snuggly - I have faith that it'll be fine. If it comes in one piece, you get a free shell!
  • If the shell does unfortunately break, I'll give you free shipping on ANY shell in my shop (don't worry, the regular ones are very sturdy!). Its only fair.
  • You pay a 20 cent listing fee, and 3.25 shipping (and delivery confirmation). That's it. Normally the shells would be $10-15 plus shipping.

    If you're interested, convo me on Etsy! First come, first serve. If you have any questions, ask away, I'm open to communication. Have fun!
  • 10 comments: said...

    VERY cool! I love the kitty cat! looks like mine :0)

    CREATEaTHOUGHT said...

    That is cool! I am almost to an etsy Milestone myself, 10 sales!

    Tatyana said...

    Thanks guys! And congrats createathought. I recently had my 10th sale too - exciting :D

    Brandon said...

    Very unique! I love them!
    They are so delect, and sweet!


    ArtsyChaos said...

    I love the Scottie dog... adorable !

    Leslie said...

    aww! cute little kitty cat! Nina*s a cutie too. Your very talented!

    alamodestuff said...

    Nina won my heart.

    Tatyana said...

    aww thank you alamodestuff :) Nina appreciated it!

    And thanks to everyone else who said nice stuff. It made me happy. i appreciate it, guys :)

    btw the giveaway is still up - if you like that Scottie, claim him!

    Aimee Dars said...

    I voted for Nina!

    DogLady ( said...

    Great stuff. I've posted a link to you from the Scottish Terrier and Dog News