Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wearable dogs

Sorry guys, I've been MIA. I spent all of my spring break studying for an organic chemistry exam that i really really needed to pass. I spent so much time agonizing over it. Well I bombed that test. It was time I should have better spent hugging the dogs and painting shells. Matter of fact I've got a bunch of shells pencilled out that i juuuuust need to paint, and they've been sitting in limbo for two weeks now.

I'll get back to painting tomorrow. At least I'll try. For now I'm exhausted.

So lets talk about a subject I looooove - ways to represent your dog breed/love/ownership. By wearing dogs on yourself :P These are all from my hearted shops on Etsy!

I am absolutely in love with this pendant! Really i think that making origami out of silver is incrediby cool. And its a dog. Infinitely cool :P It is made by AllegroArts - I should have started with that part i guess :P Its available in his Etsy shop, and also comes in cat, bunny, and elephant varieties!

Now here is a pendant by Boneofart. This is a schnauzer pictured, but there are many many breeds! These are very simple in appearance and yet they capture the essence of the breeds. Less is more, its great. And really an extensive variety - at a glance i saw puli, tibetan terrier, schipperke, and lots of others. People with uncommon breeds are always on the hunt for paraphernalia displaying their breed. Chances are they've got your breed :P

Does your dog have "attitude"? Heheh, i love this clever little pendant. Its actually a collage. InaBit makes very creative designs, especially featuring labrador retrievers. Most of them portray little idiosyncrasies of every day dog life - things you don't even think about such the blessing of having an inground pool in the back yard and a fire hydrant to pee on in the front :)

If you prefer your worn imagery to come with text, you can get some awesome buttons (or in this case keychain) by Thedogcoatlady. There's a whole assortment of subjects, from promoting spay/neuter/adoption to dogs and politics to animal rights to puppy mills. And a bunch of others. They're amazingly afforadble, these pins, and many of them feature very important messages and realities that many may not be aware of (how many people never heard of puppy mills until Oprah, huh?). Do check these out :)

Back to the pendants - Kayannworks makes marvelous ones! These are incredibly detailed and colourful. And they're made on domino tiles - real ones. If you turn the pendant around, they have the dots and everything. But uhh the dog side is way nicer. There are many breeds available - some of them are pirates ;)

Now here's an entirely different type of pin - its a sculpture and a pin in one! Dreameyce makes these pins out of polymer clay, then they are painted and given a finish. This one is a cardigan welsh corgi, blue merle. They available in many breeds - and colour variations of those breeds! Emily is also very open to custom works. and from what i hear, as cute as they look in the picture, they are even awesomer in person! I'm anticipating a pin of my Perry and Marco - can't wait to see it! (hehe, yes Emily will get a pin of her cardi kids Galazy and Traum too - I've got them pencilled out, they just need paint).

Another teeny sculptured pendant, this one featuring a pittie, by Nanjodogz. Very cute and very detailed - they look very skillfully made! There are also many beads sculpted into dog heads and faces - so you can make your own special jewlery or decorations featuring your breed. They are just too damn cute, lol...

Lets finish this list with FrumsGlassMenagerie - dichroic glass pendants featuring dog silhouettes. As a fellow italian greyhound owner, Sue specializes in IGs and greyhounds - but there are many breeds available. Some are on dichroic glass - simple yet complicated due to the colours of the glass - and some of them are just glass pendants that she paints herself. They are really charming!

thus concludes my tour of awesome wearable dog stuff that i found in my "favorite shops" section. a pretty fun variety methinks. If only I was made of money - I'd own a couple more of these!

btw many of these artists are willing to make custom designs - so if you've got a particular favorite pet/breed/symbol that you want to portray to the world on your clavicles, i encourage you to ask them!


Beat Black said...

so many cute finds in one post. i like how you chose such unique pieces

rachel said...

"I like big mutts and I cannot lie"... hahaha. Nice.

rachel said...

oh, and nice to find your blog :)

Rosebud Collection said...

You did a great job showing all the dog items..They are really wonderful.
Sorry about the exam..

Gail said...

Awesome dog things! x

Dayna said...

If you like scottish terriers then wander on over and visit my shop. Lots of scotties to wear or use around the house!

enyaeire said...

Adorable and great job!!!!
Best of luck

The Stumbly Diva said...

Fun post! I love all of your finds.

Anonymous said...

OMG! I love the first dog pendant. That is gorgeous.


earmark said...

i love the allegro arts doggy, awesome! wonderful blog!!