Wednesday, May 7, 2008

All sorts of treasure

I just discovered something really cool and thought I'd share! TimothyAdamDesigns had a brilliant idea (one of many, lol)! He put together a blog of EtsyMinis from all sorts of users. Its called BuriedTreasury. The idea is that there are just sooooooo many awesome things on Etsy that get buried and not seen - here's their chance to get some exposure. Check it out and sign up! Its free and convenient - and there are paid avertising opportunities as well.

BuriedTreasury <<< definitely give it a click :)

speaking of treasuries! I've been featured in two recently. I'm jealous of people who proficiently snag treasuries. I've never been able to catch one yet.

Thank you for including me, thirtydash9!

and one more..

thank you, CecereDesigns :)

another treasure? Reptile fans might think of it as one. Meet Gordon! Gordon is a red ear slider who currently resides with another slider , Matthew, who looks just like him but smaller. They both now live with my boyfriend. These guys were actually abandoned at out grooming shop - someone came in and asked if we wanted turtles. We said "sure" cause we knew that he'd just dump them if we didn't take them. They were fostered by Danielle for a while (who is great for all the foster work she does with homeless animals). Now they're gonna be spoiled with a gigantic tank and a state of the art filtration system and all the food goodies they could ever desire :)


A Keeper's Jackpot said...

Thats great! I know, its super hard to get a treasury :)

Justin said...

Nice lookin' turtle. If the documentary The Chances of the World Changing ever comes on your PBS station, you should watch it. It's about this crazy guy who is trying to save all the turtles.

rachel said...

abandoned?? poor things! I'm so glad they were adopted :)

AlasMyDear said...

congrats on the treasuries! and not one, but two! *drools*

sweet little turtly fella! how do you hold them and not have them pull their outside appendages right in? happens all the time when i hold turtles. maybe i smell of danger or something.

those are two lucky, lucky turtles!

Tatyana said...

alasmydear - Gordon's actually a cheeky fella who doesn't spend that much time hiding even when picked up. It doesn't take him long to take his head back out and give you dirty looks.

Anonymous said...

You're welcome! Love your stuff:)

AlasMyDear said...

haha! Gordon sounds like a fun chappie! wish we could meet up :) probably he'd stick his tongue out at me!

julie king said...

i came to your blog from alas! my dear's. i visited your shop and love your art, particularly that you use such unique substrates!!! Congrats on the treasuries!

Secret Lentil Clothing said...

(waving to Gordon)