Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Happy Gotcha Day, Perry!

I can't believe it skinny man, you've been with us for a year!

Spring semester last year I began to obsess with Italian Greyhounds. I got in contact with the only IG breeder who actually spoke to me - she happened to have some 6 month old puppies at the time when i was looking to add an adolescent dog into my household. It was Perry (aka JJ) and two littermates Hope and Trouble (now Marco). Perry was the quiet calm one. The one who would rather sit on your lap then run with the others. Somehow the less active puppy didn't seem as enticing as the crazy active ones at the time. But this is the one that the breeder felt should go home with me and i trusted her decision. I was just happy to get a great dog from a great breeder. Hey, who knew that i'd bring the other littermate home in a couple of months anyway?

Perry was the perfect puppy at home, aside from some light chewing. And shyness outdoors. He was scared to death of the cats for the first week or so, because never having seen a dog inthe apartment before, they were only interested in giving him dirty looks. Anton followed Perry around for the first month. In his first few days with us, Perry once wandered into the bathroom. and Anton followed him and sat down in the doorway. Suddenly I hear Perry crying. He was trapped in the bathroom because he was afraid to pass by the 'scary' staring kitty. hehe, sissy boy...

Seems like its been such a long year - we've been through a lot! Work at the grooming shop, show classes, beach days, reintroduction to Marco, a fear-pooping stage, "i hate food" stages, hospitalization, an addison's disease scare, obedience class, our first shows, our first points, tons of dog friends... I have learned that I suck as a dog trainer, too

I adore this little red dog. I think he is just about the cutest thing that ever lived, especially when he randomly playbows to huge confused dogs. I think the breeder was right - he is totally heartdog :)


Joy De Vivre Design said...

Well I think Perry is just adorable and I hope he is having a great Gotcha Day!

Sunflower said...


I totally adore your precious Perry. He looks so sweet and cute in the picture. He has very gentle eyes too.

Like yourself, I am a dog/animal lover. I have three beautiful pugs in the past years, but I have lost them due to illness. Their absence in my life gives me a deep heartbreak that words could not describe.

Just a note to say...animals or furbabies are definitely a great joy to be around. They are more than a furbaby...they are a whole part of our life and they are our dearest family members. They are our soulmates too.

Through your blog, I read that you are great in crafts, you must be very talented and your life is interesting.

Take care and may flowers surround your path as your walk....

Best wishes

Tatyana said...

thanks guys :) Perry had a great day and a great run at the beach to celebrate.

sunflower, thank you for those sweet comments. I'm sorry that you lost your pug babies. I do hope that more animals bring joy into your life :)

BabyLyons said...

I want a Perry! He sounds awesome! Too funny that he was scared of the "staring" kitty, lol. Sounds like a comic strip, "Perry & The Staring Kitty"

~Marge~ said...

Perry's adorable! I have a dear friend who is part of the Greyhound Rescue effort and she has two now. I was fortunate enough to see her take them to the desert so they could freely run ... WOW, what a sight! ~ Marge in Reno ~