Monday, May 12, 2008

Who's been watching Groomer Has It?

So have you ever wondered what goes on in a grooming shop? Ever think about why your dog is in the shop for hours? Why a grooming appointment costs so much when your own haircut costs less than half of the amount?

Ever ask yourself how tough a job of "playing with puppies all day" can really be? Wander how often your dog really needs to be groomed? Is it really that bad when a dog is matted? Does Fluffs really need medicated shampoo? Want to know how to better care for your dog's hair between groomings?

Hey, I've got an idea! I'm a groomer - ask me :)

Leave a comment asking any silly questions you can think of about grooming, and once i get a bunch, I'll answer them all in one big post. This'll be fun! Seriously - ask me anything.


Taleri said...

How do they get all that extra fur out of my dogs double coat?
I can brush her, bathe her, dry her, brush her (using the brush, a fine tooth comp and a shedding rake) and still she has a lot of shedding left to do.

Also, why dont all groomers wash the dogs belly? I've had her come back greasy and dirty before on her tummy when her top half was shiny clean.

BabyLyons said...

Hopw often do you get bit? what do you do if you get bit?

Nodin's Nest said...

I'm a vet tech and I don't envy you, grooming is hard work! The only animals I would ever groom are the sedated ones that were too aggressive for our regular groomer. You don't get paid enough if you ask me! :)

Diana said...

How do you handle it if a male dog gets all hump crazy? Does that happen or am I just being weird? That would be my worst nightmare. :) Are there any dogs that you just can't make smell good? Aren't Bostons just the best dogs in the world? :) :) :)


P.S. I would paint your portrait!!! (if I had the time!)

missfire said...

I have a cat, not a dog. But she goes to the groomer. Do you do cats? How on earth do you hold them still? Do groomers actually bathe cats? Like, with water?

DragoninKnots said...

Do you have any grooming disaster stories to share?

saffron said...

No questions, but I just love those dogs! Especially the Old English Sheepdog. Yes, I can just imagine how hard that work is, and how you earn every penny!!

Tatyana said...

saffron - that dog is actually a teenaged Polish Lowland Sheepdog - smaller than an OES with way worse attitude and different coat. And he IS hard work - his owner is great and brings him every month (he's a future show dog) but he needs a muzzle and someone else to hold him down every time, why i try to pry knots out. We charge her and I still feel underpaid for my effort on that guy :P

thanks for all the questions and comments guys! I got a couple of other from the Etsy forums. I'll try to finally compile this tomorrow (Wednesday). :D