Sunday, June 8, 2008

doggie enthusiasm

I finally had a sale to encourage me into painting again :) There is definitely something special about the plain regular sales on etsy. I mean the non-custom kind. The ones that come by surprise. Even when I'm not doing any major promoting.

Don't get me wrong, I'm enjoying custom work, now that I'm beginning to get into it. They let me really connect with the buyer and get to know the dogs I'm painting. And they always get such an enthusiastic response, and it feels great to know that i created something that the person will cherish for a long long time.

But just to log on to Etsy and see that i suddenly have less items listed (and i didn't just forget to hit 'finish' after editing a listing)... Its like a treat.
Anyway,I did get around to doing some painting and this is my newest gem - a german shepherd:

I've got split opinions on this one. Shepherds are *hard* to paint! They're pretty dogs, but they're so... complicated. Its mostly the sable markings that threw me off.

In other news - I got a treasury again! Its called "Pit Bullies" - guess what its about ;)

click click click click click!
I saved the best bit for last!

Lulu's shell in bathroom
Originally uploaded by kooky2
Remember my portrait of Lulubelle? Tricia sent me a photo of the shell in its new lodgings - her marine themed bathroom. I love what she's done with it, the shell fits in perfectly!


beautifulwolf said...

That's a good idea! Too bad my bathroom gets too humid... maybe when we buy a new place!

If you ever made dolphin and whale shells, I think those would go over really well, and look GREAT! (If you can paint those critters of course ;0P)

Tricia said...

I hope the humidity of my bathroom doesn't affect that paint on the shell. But I love it that location!

Awww...that's so sweet that you posted Lulu's shell!

beautifulwolf said...

My bathroom gets so humid, because the dimwits who roofed the place sometime before we moved in, took off the vent, then covered it with roofing material... rather than you know, cut out the hole, and putting the vent back! LOL

One of the many very 'redneck fixes' in this place we noticed AFTER we bought it ;)

We also don't have a window in the bathroom, which I always found really odd. The place we rented before here though, had old SHAG carpet in the bathroom... I'll take this humidity over that! *giggle*

Tatyana said...

Emily, I'm sure i could manage a dolphin or a whale. They seem even easier that dogs :P

Tricia - I think the shell will be fine in your bathroom. I've got some shells lying around that I painted in 2005. And they've been exposed to all sorts of conditions due to open windows (weather gets crazy around here) and other than being a bit dusty they're in perfect condition. Acrylics can handle wear and tear as long as they're not submerged in water.

Rachel said...

I love all the pit bull art you featured.