Monday, September 29, 2008

Gold trim muzzles

I'm so thrilled at the great response to my Those vet bills... post. I oversimplified some very complicated stuff an awful lot to try and get my point across without being too too wordy. But several people commented that they learned something and I'm very glad to hear it :) Being able to afford vet care is really something you need to think about while everything is okay. Don't wait for a pet emergency that costs a thousand or more before you think of how you'll be dealing with the cost - chances are you'll be so shocked you'll barely know your name and that is no time to think about fiscal responsibility ;)

Ahem. Anyway. I promised I'd quit stalling and get to work and i did just that. I bring to you two black and tan beauties. Except one is liver and tan :P

Here's a Rottweiler with a gigentic smile. They're really such goofy dogs, aren't they?

And a liver and tan Doberman Pinscher. Wonderfully sensitive and very intuitive dogs.

Both shells are available in my shop, you can click right on them in the "Shameless Self-Promotion" box on the right to see them :)

Since I was so wordy with the vet bills post I think I'll make up for it by shutting up now :P


bea3855 said...

Nice items you create; really special!!!
Vet bills are a horror overhere in Europe as well; I know what you are talking about.
Love your blog and all the pet pix!
You can visit my blog and see my cuties as well. Welcome!!
European Greetings to NY - have been there many times and always loved it!

tatsuko said...

These look great - the rotweiller cracks me up! I love the photo of all your guys sleeping together in your last post :)