Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Louis, Personalization, and the Holiday Season

I've been a little slow on shell-painting, i admit. College has started and there's barely enough time for anything. As usual.

But i did get one custom portrait in. Meet Louis...

Louis is a beautiful happy lab mix. I hear that he always wears a smile on his face.

Hey have you ever seen something in a shop and thought to yourself "it would be totally perfect if only it had..." Lets say we're talking about the shells in my shop. And you see this shell... and you think to yourself 'that looks totally like my dog, if only his body was all white, or his face didn't have a blaze or whatever else...'

If it was a minor request like a bit of a color change, i would be willing to change the shell and edit it. Now I can't do large alterations like change position, or open a closed mouth, since there is no way i can erase paint off a shell surface. But don't be afraid to ask. I will also gladly write your dog's name on the shell. Well not that gladly - my handwriting isn't as neat as i'd like it to be. But I try my best to get it to look neat. Because lets face it, its one thing to have a portrait that looks like your dog but its totally another to officially dedicate it to them.

Perhaps this isn't for every sort of art, and some artists might not be willing to change a piece by request. But I don't mind at all and will work with you as long as the request is do-able.

On a last note... it may only be September, but the holiday season will be here sooner than you imagine.

The reason I'm bringing it up is that if you have been thinking of giving someone a custom shell portrait as a gift but have been putting it off for later - get it done now. I'm a college student in my senior year of pre-med and I'll have some serious finals in December. So there will absolutely be no last minute portraits. In fact my last final will be on December 22nd, so you can see I'll really be pressed for time.

As much as I hate to say it, the deadline for custom portraits will be no later than November. As long as you want the portrait to come in time for Christmas or whatever holidays. When I'm in school it can take me two to three weeks to complete a commissioned work due to assignments and tests. And I'll really have to pause any artwork when my finals are coming up. Its unfortunate, I'm not happy about it, but its important that i set this deadline.

So to reiterate - if you would like a custom portrait done in time for the holiday season, the deadline to set up the project and send me photos is by November 1st. After that I may squeeze in projects if i have time, but there is no guarantee that i will have a chance to.

Of course shells that are already in my shop will be available for purchase right up to the last moment.


Beth said...

Yay holidays! I found it amusing we both decided NOW is the time to start warning folks about the holiday rush :)

I think you should branch out into horses and guinea pigs. The shop piggies want their own shell.

TheresaJ said...

What great little portraits, and I love that they are on shells.

kim* said...

super cute dog paintings on the shells

blackfeatherfarm said...

Your dog portraits are really charming. Just do what you can for the holidays and forget it !

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