Sunday, October 5, 2008

Goodbye Piggies

According to my statistics, the most common search words that bring people to my blog involve some kind of variation of "cup" and "dog". I guess my title is a little misleading - we don't talk tea very often. And the only cups involved are my own. And I never realized how much people liked cups with dogs on them.

Well today we had a cup-related tradegy! My favorite pink piggie mug is unfortunately no longer with us. As I was carrying my mug to the kitchen hoping to refill it with some Lady Grey, Perry was rambunctiously hopping around the bed. And he ran right up to me and smacked the mug out of my hands. Alas the handle came right off and the mug cracked. Oh and whatever bit of tea I had in there spilled too.

Perry took it very hard. In fact after I was done cleaning up the spill, I had to convince him that I still love him.

Meanwhile Marco was like "I am sooooooo not involved in any of this! Not my fault this time, can't blame me!"

So until I find something equally as adorable as the piggie mug, I guess I'll settle on the blue doggie mug. I must say I'm not crazy about it. Those pink piggies made tea taste better.


My boss gave me permission to set up a shell display at the grooming shop. Rather than donating one of my current shells to the display, I figured I'd make one especially for it. So I painted the Saturday dog staff - Jovani the poodle and Perry and Marco. During the week different employees bring different dogs, but these guys are there on the weekend. Plus I figure it would be pretty cool for people to see the shell and then to turn around and to see Jovani and the IGs right in front of them. Its also a self-advertisement for the custom portraits :P

Its not really "finalized" right now. I want to add more detail to their faces. I'm not super thrilled with how it came out, but it was really a quick portrait.

Here's a vague reference photo of the three of them together. This was a few months ago, so Jovani looks more mature (and he was a little overgrown in this photo, and usually sports neater hair).


juNKstyLEdiVA said...

How lucky you are to work with doggies all day! I am jealous...sorry about your piggy mug, I will keep a look out for one in my thrift store travels, meanwhile I have turned my broken cups into pencil holders... Cheers! Inge

CurlyfrySC's Collage said...

As my husband loves pig, himself, I won't dare show him this heartbreaking story!
I hope you find a piggy mug, soon.

Julie B said...

Love your blog! You have cute and adorable furry friends :) I am sorry about the piggy mug. I lost my favorite Tinkerbell cup a few weeks ago, and I agree the coffee just doesn't taste the same in another mug.

Pod Beads said...

Poor piggy mug!
I just LOVE your dogs, please feel free to send them to me for a holiday anytime LOL.
I bought one of your wonderful clam shell paintings, i know i am going to love it.

Nicki Leigh said...

awww, i am so sorry you lost your best mug. I also have a favorite tea mug. I call it the happy mug. It is blues, tans and browns and it semi native American. It was handcrafted locally and so I hold it very close to my heart.

CAT Productions said...

So sorry about your mug, but I enjoyed reading your story!

dreameyce said...

I love that shell! It's BEAUTIFUL!

I know what it's like for a favorite mug to 'die', but it's also fun to find that special new mug to replace it! (From one tea addict, to another!)

Ya know, what bout you buying under glazes, glaze, ready to paint (Been through the first fire) mugs, and putting your paintings on mugs?!?! If people want to buy custom, and dog mugs, mine as well try to sell them!

I know here we have a local paint your own ceramics shop that will let you take things to paint at home, and they'll fire them for a small fee. (Ours is also a coffee shop though, so often worth going to with Dea just to paint!)

missknits said...

awww poor piggie mug! but i think the doggie mug is cute too! your doggies are just adorable!

tatsuko said...

Love the portrait of the staff dogs! Poor Perry - what a great photo poser he is though!