Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sighthound special

Sighthounds - their elegant looks, their regal holier-than-thou attitude, their amazing speed and agility - it all makes me admire them incredibly. They're so very different from other dogs. So lets feature a few sighthounds that I've painted recently.

Blue brindle Afghan Hound, with a goatee, on a shell with beautiful pastel orange and grey highlights.

tricolor Basenji, showing off his tightly curled tail.

Graceful white Saluki on a fiery red-orange shell.

Italian Greyhound. Isn't it about time I painted more of the breed I love? This shell will be one of the prizes awarded for Best of Breed at the supported Italian Greyhound entry at the Nor'East Toy Dog Cluster, Classic Toy Dog Club of Western Massachusetts on Saturday, May 29th.

This was a custom order of two ex-racing Greyhounds.


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Quách Đại ka said...

YAY! Great job on the pug-nosed breeds. I think they came out perfectly, and you really captured the look and spirit of those gorgeous breeds.

I dunno about the bacon, though... weird! I'm glad you keep me in the loop, though! :)
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Quách Đại ka said...

Awww - loved that post and all the great pictures! Happy Birthday Tim :o)

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I love you very much :x
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