Monday, March 31, 2008

Go Orange for Animals!

Next Thursday will be ASPCA Day. Show your support by wearing Orange on April 10th, 2008. And not just any shade of orange, traffic cone orange. Force awareness on others by shocking them by the shade of orange that you're sporting. Seriously.

Its a great chance to help out at your local shelter, donate stuff or money to animals in need, and to bring home a new addition to your family. I mean... any day is a great day to do those things. But it feels more celebratory if there's a national event going on.

Check out the
ASPCA Day Discussion group to see what others are doing to show support. Have a look at what is happening in areas around the country, maybe even near you, right here. In New York City, there will be entire buildings going orange to show their support!

to my fellow animal-favoring NYers in particular, Union Square will be the place to be on April 10th! I have class that day but will try to pop in during the day if I have a free hour or so. In union Square you can:

Meet adorable, adoptable animals, enjoy live music, snack on ASPCA treats, meet the ASPCA’s animal cops from Animal Planet's Animal Precinct and enjoy a variety of activities designed especially for people and their pets! Ask ASPCA experts about pet care and behavior, and go home with photos, drawings, pet-personalized merchandise—even your pooch’s "Hollywood" paw prints!

For more info, see: The Big Apple Goes Orange!


espionage said...

This is a great idea! I work at a yoga studio and we take students old mats to the shelter so they can use them in the pens to make them more comfortable for the dogs.

Tatyana said...

espiogane, that's a great idea. The sensitive and older dogs especially need something soft to cuddle with. Shelters (actually grooming shops too) will usually take any blankets or sheets or soft things, because they frequently have to throw them away. sometimes animals are sick (mites, infections, major pooping accidents) and they can't reuse the blankies so new ones are always needed!

MillieDog Designs said...

Thanks for the FYI! Its a perfect day to wear my scrub top with puppies to work... it even has orange in the design!

Megan McGory said...

This is a really cool idea...I always wanted an excuse to put a traffic cone on my head! lol really is a great idea. This post reminded me of the Gates in Central about NYC going orange. I love donating to our local cat shelter, Kitty Harbor, because someone has to take in and place cats till the perfect owner comes along :D