Thursday, March 27, 2008

About time!

Yep, I finally got something new in my shop! Yeah I was lacking in activity for three weeks. Exams and stuff. Oh and a dog show. Oh the woeful life of a college student.

But I made up for the absence - I got four - FOUR - new shells up! That's the first time I did that. I tried!

Here's what i got...

closeup of Border collies
Border Collies! I like how different they are... sorta like one younger rambunctious dog that doesn't realize how crazy he is. And an older "brother" that's rolling his eyes at the teenager.

closeup of Siberian Husky
Siberian Husky! I love that blue eye. They really are beautiful dogs. The expression on his face is interesting. I think he looks worried about something. Someone else suggested guilty. Dunno... what i know is that I wasn't trying to get that expression when I was painting. But I always love it when the dogs turn out to have some emotion. He's got his own personality, i didn't assign him any, he just came out that way :D

Close up of Pit Bull/Staffordshire Bull/ Amerstaff
Pit Bull! or.... AmerStaff! or... Staffordshire Bull Terrier! I dunno, he somehow looks like all three to me. What I do know is that he's a gentle boy that has never intended to hurt anyone. He just plays rough cause he can't tell his own strength, that's all.

closeup of Shih Tzu
Shih Tzu! In full coat, as they appear in the show ring - bobble topknot and all. I don't think he looks too happy about that bow. What a great colour... I wish I could get that color for MY hair...

To be honest I actually painted five shells.... I made a Saluki that's reserved right now. Buuuuuut... I don't like how he came out so I'm gonna try to fix him or perhaps try to make another Saluki... so no pictures of him yet.

All shells are available for sale in my shop. Links to the left :)

And look, I've already been featured in a treasury! Thank you Leafpeople!

Visit the treasury now! Its up until 7:55 am on Sunday, March 30. Look while its there!

In OTHER news - this weekend we were at a dog show and we got lucky! My Perry won "Winners Dog", he was chosen the best out of five males. We won a 3 point major. And this was only our second time showing!

twin brooks dog show
Congratulations Perry!


Crazy Times Candle & Bath Co. said...

Those shells are great!

I love the husky!!

Diana said...

Wow! I'm so glad to have found your site. What a wonderful collision of two things that elevate life: dogs and art.

I'm going to like it here!

Love the shells, and congratulations on the treasury!!! What an honor. I hope it makes the front page!

Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving your personal message behind. I can totally relate, and I'm so glad for the company.

I've added you to my blogroll list, and I'll look forward to visiting often.

Best wishes,

P.S. What about Boston Terriers?!?

Tatyana said...

crazy times, thank you for the complement :)

Diana, i acutally found lots of stuff I was able to relate to on just your first page... i just didn't want to spam all your comments :P But I'll be visiting often too. I already linked to you.

and I've got a Boston shell in my shop -

Rosebud Collection said...

Beautiful paintings of the unique..Congrats. on your dog winning first prize.

lauren said...

Cute dogs! What a neat idea; to paint on shells! Have any jack russell terriers? Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Tatyana said...

thanks guys :)

Lauren I had a jack russell that I sold a while ago -

tatsuko said...

Lovely new shells! And congrats, Perry - you're looking in fine form ☺

Rachel said...

Dogs, art and tea - my three favorite things!!!

Jenn Maruska said...

I like the collies best! And congrats to your little cutie : )

SecretMe said...

I saw these on flickr (it does work!!) great work

Tatyana said...

thanks guys! Glad you like them!

I guess Flickr is as useful as I thought! ;)

A Keeper's Jackpot said...

Nice work!

erinpetersonart said...

I love the little three legged dog shell. I used to have a three legged cat named Lily, so I guess I'm a fan of all things three legged. (Get your mind out of the gutter if you were thinking I meant men!)

Go here to see my newest pet, Hazel:

Grizzly Mountain Arts said...

Beautiful work! I enjoyed reading your blog!

Migoto_Chou said...

How fun! I've never been to a dog show, but I would love to go if I had the chance. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

I love the collies. I had one as a kid so I am sentimental to them.

beautifulwolf said...

Congrats to Perry!! How exciting to get that first major!