Wednesday, March 19, 2008

teeny sighthound artifact exchange!

A few months ago I stumbled upon Frum's Glass Menagerie. That was back when I didn't know what Etsy was, actually, so it was all new to me. Anyway. I fell in love with the beautiful dichroic glass pendants. What more can a crazy dog person want than really cool dog stuff, huh?

Of course Sue has more than just dichroic glass pendants, there are many different ones in her shop. But the dichroic glass ones catch my eye in particular, I love the colours!

Anyway I just HAD to have one! I got an Iggy of course - I wear it to dog shows to represent ;)

Its got a beautiful orangey-pink color. The couch behind it is an unfortunate colour though, so forgive me, it was the only place i could get a bit of natural light on this dreary day.

Obligatory shot of Perry looking adorable with the pendant! Okay fine, he was making a pretty face cause i had sausage in my hand baiting him.

Iggy feet clearly add merit to it :)

Visit Sue's Etsy shop, there's all sorts of pretty stuff there! Also, visit Sue's art blog!

Sue is a fellow DOGMAFiA member btw :)

For a personal touch, here is Sue's italian greyhound (one of four), Pepie, with one of my shells!

How cool is that, its my first "customer appreciation" photo! Pepie is a beautiful boy. And he matches the iggy on the shell :P

ooh i hope i get more photos of shells in their new homes. I'd feature each one on the blog :)


mvegan said...

That's sooo cute w/the dog and shell together!!! I looove the Border Collies as well :) Great job! Michele mvegan5

Tatyana said...

thank you :D