Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I know November passed...

November is National Pet Adoption Month. That's... the only nice thing about November, the rest of it is grey and cold. February should be adoption month, come to think of it. Y'know, when the not-so-thoughtfully-given "christmas puppies" wear out their welcome and pop up in rescue. November is such a pessimistic time of year to hold a nice event like adoption promotion.

Yeah... adopt-a-thons should definitely be in the spring. So the weather is happyful and everyone can drag their feet outside with their newly adopted pet and bond and stuff.

speaking of spring - which this year starts on March 20th - I know of two magnificent animals that need homes right now!

Meet Turner!

He is the most charming Pit Bull puppy I have ever seen and I have only had the pleasure of meeting him for about 20 minutes. Danielle - behind him - is fostering him right now. She found him all bony and starving. He has since recieved lots of food, love, attention, and medical care and he's ready for a forever home. He's also de-coconutted and innauculated.

(for the unimaginitive, I was referring to his testicles as coconuts, and he no longer has those ;)

He's called Turner because her other dog is Hooch ;) He cuddles cats. Plays with dogs all day long. He's actually very submissive, he's an in-tune boy. He doesn't seem like he's gonna get any bigger. Danielle is five feet tall, if you want a visual reference. And he's probably about seven months old, so he is almost as big as he's gonna get.

For those that are into something exotic - judging from his triangular, slanty eyes and thick skin on the muzzle, I'm about a hundred percent sure that he's part Bull Terrier. Either way, he is too friggin cute.

Honestly, I love this boy. And I'm not a "pitbull person", they are usually are just not my cup of tea. There are many pits I admire but I wouldn't own one. Except him. Really. If I didn't have two iggies, two cats and two parents sharing an apartment with me, I'd snatch him up.

adoption number two? Meet Maya!

Poor Maya was abandoned at our grooming shop. Look how sad it made her. Made me sad too. People brought her in for a bath, gave us fake addresses and phone numbers and then never came back. The nerve of some people! We don't know her age, history, or anything. The vet said she's healthy though!

But she desperately needs a place to go. she's living in a small cage for weeks now. I know, i know - story of any shelter animal's life. But its just so sad.

Maya just wants to be loved. ...but on her own terms. She is a female, and we all know what attitude issues come with that (I'm a girl, I can say it). She doesn't like dogs. She doesn't like cats. She doesn't like you touching her back or by her butt. *sigh* women.

We're looking to find a... quiet plain home for her where she would not be bothered too much. Maybe with some senior citizens (she seems like she's 6-9 years old herself, so no spring chicken). Or just someone who wouldn't bug her too much. Let her trust them on her own terms. That means NO kids/cats/dogs/in-laws. But perfect homes are so easy to find, as we all know...

Honestly, I think she would calm down with her attitude if she was in a home. The grooming shop is no place for a cat that's not used to it. Too much noise, too much stress, too many dogs. she's very sweet when there are no dogs near her...

btw in case you're wondering, she DOES have eyes. They're green and beautiful. So beautiful that you should see them in person. Y'know, in your home. Consider it.

On a completely seperate note...

Marco tells the boy, "screw your lab report. You're taking up the sun spot."


tatsuko said...

Great blog - your dogs are beautiful! And oh, Maya makes me want to cry... We got Chibi (my tortoiseshell cat) at the SPCA two years ago because the owners brought her in when she was pregnant! Of course her wee kittens were adopted right away, but she was our first choice anyway because we knew what might happen to her. And she is THE best cat ☺

Megan McGory said...

I love kitties!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!