Wednesday, April 23, 2008

PayPal alternative

Refer A Friend using Revolution Money Exchange

I have made a really cool discovery. Its called Revolutionary Money Exchange. Maybe you saw the abbreviation RME on the forums and were too shy to ask what it is. Well that's what :P

Its an alternative to PayPal - to send and recieve money. The awesome part - there are NO fees when you transfer money. Also the site is very pretty and seems user friendly. It is funded by a bank and backed by the FDIC, so its secure.

The best part? When you sign up (hint hint green button above) you recieve $25! Legitimate, yours to spend wherever. I believe the deal ends May 15. Also when you refer others, you get $10 per referral. Pretty awesome :)

I guess the only thing they're missing is the shipping labels that paypal makes.

From what I'm gathering, they're giving away this money to draw in a large client base. They are anticipating releasing their own credit card in the future and i guess they're looking to make a fan base to which to release it to. chances are i won't personally be getting that credit card, but i am taking advantage of the current offer.

Here is a ginormous list of shops that are currently accepting RME - I'm adding myself to that list and accepting it in my shop, now, too. Consider adding RME to your shop too. If you do, click the green button, lol :P

pssst! Make sure you go in through a referral button because if you sign up through their site yourself, you won't get anything.

anyway i thought that was important enough to mention. Next time we'll return to our scheduled programming with dogs and shells. I just got something in the mail that I'm dying to show off :)


Angelia said...

Thanks for the information. I might try it after a review the site. A

Diana said...

Whoa! I had no idea whatsoever, Tatyana!!! I owe you one, honey. Thanks for letting me know. Paypal is getting to be such a ripoff, and they're truly a monopoly these days. It's about time someone is taking them on.

I'm beat now, but I'm going to convo you tomorrow and see if I can get in on a referral through you. I'd like for you to get the extra $10 credit.


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