Thursday, April 17, 2008

Softies survived!

Heh I wound up taking a week off from blogging. Whoops. Each day I've told myself "I'll do it tomorrow" and a week went by. Although honestly I haven't had much to put in here. My clam painting endeavors have been halted due to school and life and I've been only glossing over Etsy for the last few days. So uhhh lets try and get back to this :P

First I'd like to mention that there are only two weeks left to vote in the Dogmafia Team's Creative Challenge for Irregular Dogs! Aww Nina's behind. oh well. Click here to VOTE for your favorite Irregular Dog-> The DOGMAFiA.
(check 'older posts' to meet the contestants!)

Speaking of Nina, you may have seen her in this treasury, by the Etsy for Animals team :)

I've got more good news. I sent out three free painted Soft Shell clams to as part of a shipping experiment to see if they are strong enough to survive shipping. All three have arrived in perfect condition. Looks like i'm gonna be able to introduce soft shell clams to the mix! Yay, a new medium!

Speaking of which, this is where my Scottie shell is living now...

Can you spot the shell? He now lives with Dayna (Scottie Acres Boutique) and her pack of Scottish Terriers... among a collection of Scottie stuff! What an impressive collection!

And there it is up a bit closer :)

Really that's all that's been going on here, so I'm gonna add one last thing...

If you ever run into Oolong tea - try it! :) Its really great stuff. A little on the "acquired taste" side. Its unlike any other tea, with a very earthy and organic taste to it. I prefer it unsweetened (as i always drink my tea). I appreciate the way Twinnings decorated the tea bag with the trees and the fog. i know this stuff is probably grown on a large plantation but the picture at least gives me the momentary suspention in disbelief so i can imagine that it came from a gorgeous, far away, untouched rocky, foggy land that I would love to visit some day.


Dayna said...

Thanks for offering the shell in the first place (I couldn't resist) and thanks also for including me in your blog!

Tatyana said...

wow, that was a fast response! You're very welcome!

sherry said...

oh, I love seeing things, I've never seen your work!