Tuesday, June 24, 2008

full schedule

I was on a roll, posting new shells often over the last two or three weeks... That sort of thing never lasts, does it? Alas, I've gotten caught up.

In the last week or so I've been subject to...

An art history exam. Got a nice 97.

Shakespeare in the Park - we saw Hamlet (my favorite Shakespeare play ever!!) and it was absolutely magnificent. The graphic on the left is sorta tacky though. Not that i took that photo or it was actually there, i found it online.

Attended a dog show in Staten Island... Perry was chosen as Best of Opposite Sex and took 2 points. Marco took Reserve and was behaved superbly.

We took a brief trip to the beach to let the dogs celebrate their good job in the ring...

And now I'm working on nursing an iggy with a very upset stomach (probably due to his chewing up a linoleum tile).

...on top of all that, you can add in work, class, volunteering, paying attention to the boyfriend, cleaning the house, and feeling totally under the weather due to the unfortunate consequences than come with being endowed with "girly parts".

As you can see I've had my hands full. I've barely even had time or interest to check Etsy too thoroughly. And all of yesterday, I was on the Our Dogs Online forums, trying to figure out what would soothe Perry's stomach... He seems to be doing sorta alright now, fingers crossed that he continues this way.

But anyway, just for show and tell, here's a fun picture that i drew a few years ago :P

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beautifulwolf said...

That Pug is sooooo cute!

Hope the tummy upset is over... ickky tummies are NEVER fun... esp if you're the owner who has to clean up after it! heehee