Thursday, June 19, 2008

the latest

Kingston's mom sent me a picture of him posing next to his shell. What a cute smile he has! I just love seeing photos of the shells' new niches.

I took this picture of Perry a few days ago and I'm just absolutely amazed...

Originally uploaded by ShellVergel
I am so in love with this dog - he is one of the most beautiful dogs I've ever seen! I'm thrilled with how clear and pretty this shot came out, too (click to see it bigger). It would be perfect if his back leg was a liiiiitle further. But i didn't want to touch him or I'd lose his gorgeous pose.


Just a fun note - its Horseshoe crab spawning season. The other day we were at the beach and met just the hugest populations all coming out on the shore to spawn and hang out. It was a high tide and a full moon later that night, and i think that's their spawn trigger.

PS - if you ever see an overturned horseshoe crab on its back, make sure to turn it over! Otherwise if the tide leaves, they will be stranded and will die either from seagull attack, or from drying out. They can't hurt you, so don't be afraid to help them out.


WildMagic said...

I love your work! Very cute dogs.

beautifulwolf said...

Kingston sure looks proud! Traum seems to be the only weirdo, trying to eat painted shells ;)

I've not seen horseshoe crabs in YEARS. I don't think they are on the West coast at all.