Sunday, June 29, 2008

getting to know Jack

Seems a lot of you enjoyed the feature on Felted pets. I love them too. If only I could afford one. Or four :P

So I'm back in the painting mood and got a bit done last night while watching Beauty and the Beast. Actually more like listening to Beauty and the Beast - I let random favorite movies play on my laptop in front of me while painting. I focus on the painting but look up on occasion. And sing/say along any lines that i happen to have memorized. Its more lively that way. (psst... what do you guys do to keep the surroundings less quiet while crafting?)

I've always felt so weird painting Jack Russells standing still. It seems to really defy the essence of a breed that never stops moving. So I painted one flying. Okay well not flying, but mid-gallop as they prefer to be.

Actually, thinking back to the first JRT I painted... he wasn't really standing still either.

This guy was rolling around and being a silly puppy. This was one of my earlier shells that sold several months ago. Its fun to note changes in my style. I must have painted him in January (when i officially started the painted shell 'business'). I was experimenting with poses and the colours that i outlined the dogs with. I am still learning shading with acrylic paint, but it was something i really didn't have a handle over then. I also used any random shells, whereas right now I try to use ones that have the most even surfaces. Yep, you live, you learn. To be fair, i used to price my shells a lot more generously in my more rudimentary days.

Here's a more recent Jack Russell I painted, another shell that sold. This is the only JRT I have painted that's actually standing still. And honestly i've never liked this shell, it feels very awkward and unnatural. But someone else liked it obviously, so at least it has some merit.

And here is another shell I painted last night - only it is not going into my shop. It will be a gift for someone that i promised to give a shell to probably two months ago. Hopefully she won't think that i have forgotten about her!

I tried something different and painted the background a bit of blue. Actually a lot of blue. I normally prefer to rely on the background of the shell itself, but this one was stark bleach white and looked like something was missing. I'm not sure about how i feel about the blueness. Its an experiment.


missknits said...

Wow! these are sooo coool! and dont you just love jack russell's!! your work is amazing! great blog! :)

Anonymous said...

beautiful art work.

fluffnflowers said...

They look great! I love the tongue on the first one. :)

Crystal said...

Those are really neat, esp the first one!

Anonymous said...

Agree, Jack Russels need to be kept moving. I would love a shell of Charlie Puppie..

ndnchick said...

I do the movie thing too! I tried doing the IPod thing while rafting but I prefer listening to movies. :)

Beth said...

I love the flying JRT! And the rolling one...and the little blonde guy looking down...ok, I like them all :)


PS can you make a Haiku smothering someone's face? *That* would be a good shell!