Thursday, July 17, 2008

A different kind of paint

My apologies once again for the MIA thing. We've been remodelling my room and I have been stressed out beyond belief. Its mostly because my stepdad is doing the remodel entirely on his own, basically on nights and weekends and meanwhile i'm forced to live between the kitchen and my parents room. Now I don't do well in such dormatory situations (I had to quit Stony Btrook and transfer to a local college because i couldn't handle dorm life). I haven't had any time to paint or think or anything in the past week and a half, it seems.

My room's been a few colours over the decades, apparently. White and green and red and blue and bright yellow. I'm thinking of doing a lime/olive green number on it.

So far we've got the floors done, and Anton gave them a test run.

I did get a few shells painted before the remodel started and i never had a chance to put them up. I'm having a calm quiet day today so I figured that this was a great chance to do so.

Westie, or more formally a west highland white terrier.

And on the other hand i decided to try something new...And came up with a kitty on a soft shell clam. I'm a little weird on it. The angle came out funny and the proportions look funny to me. But its a first. I've painted a kitty before but i never really released it to the public, so to speak. And cats are so... different to paint. They're so curvy and fluid, while I'm used to drawing streamlined and angled animals (ie dogs). But its a start.

And I've got one more shell painted but its extra awesome so i'll be devoting a whole entry to it later.


dreameyce said...

I really love how the kitty turned out!

I never like how my cats turn out *BUT*, they sell well! I can't wait to see how fast this kitty painting sells! Good luck!

PS Nice to see you join the ranks of the 'living' too! I've been MIA too *G*

Anonymous said...

cute shells :)

Diana said...

Great for you for redecorating! It takes so much energy and time, doesn't it? But don't worry; I have a feeling all the good stuff will come back to you, as you're re-energized by a brand new environment. Without all the gunky layers of buildup, even!

Love the new shells! I think your kitty one is sublime. The perspective makes sense to me. We're often our own worst critics. Well done!


P.S. I've missed you!

wee scream vintage said...

oh i love your upcycled painting its fabulous