Thursday, July 24, 2008

For those that will meet their humans again someday

I started painting shells several years ago. I didn't do anything particular with them yet, just some patterns and designs. I had a bunch of tubes of acrylic paint and a few shells lying around. This was one of the "designs" i made. I even wrote the date in the back - I painted it in 2005. The best part is that in those three years the paint has stayed in perfect condition, so i can vouch for their longevity.

In fact I painted them, tossed them on the very top shelf of my desk and forgot about those shells. And I recently rediscovered them cause i was browsing up there for whatever reason. They were just lying around and i thought let me DO something with them. Naturally i thought of putting a dog in front of the background. And this reminded me of some paintings i have seen of dogs in a heaven scene (complete with wings and halo and clouds). The picture on the right isn't from the painting I'm thinking of, but its a similar idea (by Artwolf on Etsy). And I'm not particularly religious or anything but for some reason I am intrigued by the idea.

So I decided to try a hand at the idea.
I decided to paint a senior beagle, squinting inthe sun. I decided to leave out the wings and halo (of course I can always add them by request :). That way it can still apply to any senior beagle that loves wide open spaces, not necessarily as a memorial or angel-dog.

But I am still thinking of it as a "Rainbow Bridge" piece. A happy dog who's led a long life. Maybe he was happy for every moment of it. Maybe he's dealt with hardships and tough living conditions and people who didn't appreciate him enough. Either way now he's happy and all he is missing is his favorite human.


kim* said...

yes beautiful steps to an excellent doggy shell

Glassgardenswhatnot said...

I think your painted shells are a fantastic idea.

tattytiara said...

I really like that one. Nice work.

Rosebud Collection said...

As usual, a great job..I like that thought of meeting everyone in my next venture..