Sunday, August 3, 2008

Cool green

I've got progress on my remodeled room! Again, its mostly why i haven't been posting lately. I've been without a room for over three weeks during the remodel. Hard to find a muse when I'm stuck in the kitchen with my parents walking back and forth. But now the remodel is pretty much complete, only left to obtain the rest of the furniture and to "move back in" :)

That's what I've got so far - polished wood floors, lovely green paint, a new bed, a chair, and a computer desk that isn't in the shot. BTW see if you can find Anton in the picture ;) The blanket is going to change, too, this is my old faithful grey-green comforter. The wall colour is not exactly what i was going for (I was thinking something of a richer shade of green) but I like it a lot and in the afternoon this room practically lights up from all the sun I get. The only drawback is that in incandescent light the paint looks more of a cucumber shade rather than citrusy. But anyway I'm thrilled.

Now i need to move the fishtank back in, get a book case, and I'm thinking of getting a flat TV sort of thing. I was gonna move my old clunky tv back rather than upgrade, since i rarely watch it. But honestly i looooooove how much free space i have right now, so i am thinking of spending a bit more and getting an LCD tv after all, and mounting it on the wall. Decisions!

I turned 21 on July 22nd. You know you're getting old when you start getting sophisticated gifts! ;)

My boyfreind got me this lovely wishbone necklace from EmilyEJewelry, in white gold. He was a good boy and picked something out of my favorites like I told him to, lol. I LOVE it though :) Its really simple and fancy at the same time. I haven't taken it off since he gave it to me, except to take that picture.

This wasn't a birthday gift, but it coincidentally arrived almost in time for my birthday :P Its a custom pin of Perry and Marco! My friend Emily from Dreameyce Studio made it herself. I absolutely love it! She captured a great quirky look. Its just not like anything else that I've seen, very different. Made with skill and great detail :) Thank you Emily - its marvelous!

One last thing...

Is this not the most magnificent face?


earmark said...

oh my, that is a magnificent face, how cute! Happy bday to you!

I love your room, it does look sunny and bright and comfortable all at the same time, a great place to end and start each day!

wildhorsemoon said...

Charming blog, {I love dogs} and good luck on your room. My house is getting a makeover too, so I feel your pain, HaHa. Your cat is a stunner, it IS a great face!

fluffnflowers said...

Hope you had a great birthday! The new color looks great and refreshing. :)

SecretMe said...

great re-model wish my room looked like that!

that badge is amazing, and that cat is more like a lion lol.

Christopher And Tia said...

AWWWW, kitty!!!!!1

And the color of your room is really relaxing. I wish I could paint my place.

kim* said...

i like the room color

Rosebud Collection said...

Your room is lovely..I think the color is beautiful..very inviting.
The necklace is gorgeous..wonderful is great and the cat is so cute..Happy Birthday..

tatsuko said...

Wow, your room looks great - I love your two side-by-side windows... and I love Anton's balancing spot (I thought maybe that was a stuffed toy since he looks so small) - he is a lovely cat :)

A belated Happy B'day to you!

mewmewmew said...

Charming blog, {I love dogs} and good luck on your room. My house is getting a makeover too, so I feel your pain, HaHa. Your cat is a stunner, it IS a great face!

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