Monday, August 25, 2008

you never know, huh

I've seen many different client reactions at the grooming salon. When they recieve their dogs back after the groom i mean. I've seen people claim that "this is the best my dog ever looked" after the dog has been getting the same exact shavedown for years. I've seen dogs come in to the shop with cuts and skin problems and the owners claiming that its the groomers' fault. Sometimes owners come in warning the groomers about how aggressive thier dog is and they turn out to be angels on the grooming table. other owners claim that their dog would never bite anyone and then the dog has to be muzzled the entire time in the shop or else we risk appendages. I've seen customers bring in cookies for the whole shop on several occasions. I've gotten tips ranging from six cents (not kidding, just enough for a bazooka gum with a cent left over, lol) to thirty dollars (that's a "holy crap, i feel bad taking it" occasion).

Most clients are very routine. Take back the dog, give them a look-over, pay, tip if they're feeling generous, and go on with their day.

Well this Saturday, all was going routine, I had just groomed my favorite schnauzer, Mickey. He really is a gem - super handsome and a gentleman. He lets me do his nails and everything, lol (schnauzers are notorious for being bad for nails). His owner comes to our shop all the way from Long Island. I'm the only one at our shop who has ever groomed Mickey. It really brightens my day when i work on my favorite clients.

Well Mickey's mum gave me a present!

She makes bracelets and gave me one that she made. She said that even though she made it, it was from Mickey ;) Anyway, i felt totally special. No client has ever given *me* anything tangible. Besides, its so pretty. Its a bit on the girly side for me, but it doesn't matter, it feels special so i'll make it work.

Besdies, if anyone asks me about it, I can tell them that one of my favorite clients made it for me :P

I usually feel underappreciated as a groomer from sour clients who think that i'm out to shave down their dogs regardless of what they want (cough! i mean those that bring in matted wrecks and want just a trim). And those that think grooming is all about playing with puppies and charging a fortune. And by those who think that grooming can't take more than ten minutes so why do we keep the dogs at the shop for hours?

But at times like this its totally worth it. It really means a lot to me :)


Giftbearer said...

I love the dogs you paint on your pots! Will be checking out your shop more closely.

Come check out my blog about Carmella, a puppy recovering from Distemper;

kim* said...

my cat needs groomed but its so expensive. i already spend 80 a month oon his treatment. maybe soon...

tatsuko said...

Showing appreciation can really make someone's day - I'm sure Mickey and his mom make up for all the cranky clients :)