Thursday, October 23, 2008

Three English Gentlemen

I finally got a little painting achieved! I've got a bit of a theme to them! I bring you three gentlemen from England - the English Springer Spaniel, the English Setter and the English Pointer!

Dogs from the British Isles dominate the sporting group, with the pointer, all of the setters, several spaniels and most of the retrievers. They come with boundless energy, loving temperaments and the loveliest, softest eyes :)

English Springer Spaniel.

English Setter.

English Pointer.

As always, you can find these shells and others on ShellVergel.
Another reminder - if you are interested in getting a custom shell portrait for the holidays, please try to get your order in by Saturday, November 1st.

I miiiight be taking custom orders later in November depending on my school schedule. I will not be painting in December at all, due to preparation for finals, sorry.

So get any custom orders in ASAP please! It can take me up to two weeks to paint a custom portrait, so time counts!


fluffnflowers said...

You definitely captured those faces and wonderful, liquid eyes! I love sporting dogs. :)

SouthPacificBody said...

Oh wow... you are so talented! Amazing work.

heidi said...

I just love your style of painting... the dog faces are really lovely.

Val Cox said...

Beautiful work!

5erg said...

I have never seen someone painting on a shell :D

Anonymous said...

I'm reaching out to you from dogtime's blog network. can you kindly send me your email address to