Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cove, the Wii, and spots!

A quick mention of a custom portrait I made for Emily of Dreameyce. Meet Cove the catahoula leopard dog, and Kiwi the teeny pretty pit bull!

The shell has undergone some minor alterations to make Kiwi look a bit more like herself. This is a shot of the shell before it was finalized. But you get the idea. The shell looks even better in person, if i say so myself!

Also, another new shell up in my shop! This is a Dalmatian on a soft shell clam.

I love how he came out. Soft shell clams are a great canvas - their texture is almost paper-like and they're so smooth, they take to paint really well. Alas they're brittle. I coat the back of the soft shell with varnish so that they have a little more strength to them. This guy is on a fairly large soft clam (their size range is different from my typical Atlantic clams, and this guy is one of the bigger ones I've painted).

The dalmatian is available in ShellVergel!


Ruth, Allover Art said...

Great work! :)

kim* said...

i wonder what they are looking at and its tongue is hanging out...must be steak on the grill

dreameyce said...

LOVE it! Cove looks like he was photoshopped from a photo! And you were worried about merling ;)

Kim: Cove ALWAYS has that "I'm stupid, and happy about it" goofy look ;0P He doesn't need a cause, it's just who he is! *giggle*

We joke he's the smartest dumb dog... he has broken multiple teeth by running into trees- and yes, he has perfect vision! He's a total doofball, but we love him!

TheresaJ said...

You're paintings are lovely and I love that you use shells.

chuong said...
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lam duc said...

LOVE it! Cove looks like he was photoshopped from a photo
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Quách Đại ka said...

oh very lovely, i like them very much

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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